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iMECcore is an open architecture measurement software solution that streamlines the measurement process by capturing physical volume data in one single package. Ensuring data integrity  and unifying measurement for Natural Gas, Liquid Hydrocarbons, and Liquid Biofuels.

We are your Trusted Partner for High-Profile Projects in the Energy Sector. We have excelled in Commissioning and Powering Efficiency in Liquid Terminal Facilities for companies like TC Energy and Watco Group of Companies.

Hydrocarbon Analytics Precision Sampling Systems are designed for Light Liquid Hydrocarbons and Hazardous Chemicals. Innovative Spring Energized Seal Design, Proven Over 50,000 Cycles, and Industry-Leading 5-Year Warranty for Unmatched Sample Integrity.

At iMEC, We Take the Lead in Managing Your Compliance Journey. Proactively Staying Ahead of Regulatory Updates to Safeguard Your Global Reputation. Keeping you on top of the “Compliance Burden” and out of “Global Referral” due to non-compliance.

Omni Flow®

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iMEC Group Inc, a leading provider of energy industry solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Omni Flow Computers, a global leader with over 30 years of experience in supplying custody transfer flow computers. This collaboration aims to raise the bar in flow measurement data management and computing for the energy sector.

Omni Flow Computers, internationally certified to OIML, ISO, and EU metrological standards, has earned its reputation as a trusted supplier of cutting-edge custody transfer flow computers. Their commitment to quality, precision, and reliability in flow measurement solutions aligns perfectly with iMEC’s extensive experience in adhering to energy industry recommended practices and government regulations.

By joining forces, iMEC Group Inc and Omni Flow Computers are set to deliver a suite of innovative solutions that will empower the energy sector with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in flow measurement data management. This strategic partnership will leverage the strengths of both organizations to create a synergy that promises to revolutionize the industry.


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