Sampling & Integrity

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Sampling & Integrity

Hydrocarbon Analytics Precision Sampling Systems are designed for Light Liquid Hydrocarbons and Hazardous Chemicals. Innovative Spring Energized Seal Design, Proven Over 50,000 Cycles, and Industry-Leading 5-Year Warranty for Unmatched Sample Integrity. ​


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Explore Precision in Liquid Hydrocarbon Sampling: Hydrocarbon Analytics’ systems are meticulously engineered for light liquid hydrocarbons, NGLs, LPGs, condensates, and hazardous chemicals. With an innovative spring-energized seal design using high-performance “fluoroplastic” compounds and engineered plastics, these systems demonstrate exceptional physical and technical characteristics over 50,000 cycles. Combined with 304 SS accumulators, they ensure sample integrity, eliminate cylinder scarring, and feature an industry-first, 5-year warranty.

Revolutionize Crude Oil Sampling: Hydrocarbon Analytics’ systems exceed industry standards (API, IS03171, ASTM, IP 6.2), empowering operators to efficiently store, mix, and minimize contamination in a single container.

iMEC’s majority ownership of Hydrocarbon Analytics LLC reinforces our commitment to precision and innovation, setting new industry benchmarks for quality and reliability.